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Research Data Management @CPUT


The research data management service provided by CPUT Libraries is aimed at supporting researchers in managing data through the life cycle of research. The service offers a platform for the storing, accessing and sharing of research data during the active phase of research and ensures the long term preservation of data and related documents or publications after the research project has been completed.

The Research Data Management platform at CPUT is developed incrementally based on the requirements of researchers with the intent to support the four stages of the research process as illustrated below:

Stage 1:       Finding a research topic

Stage 2:       Resource and project planning

Stage 3:       Data collection and analysis

Stage 4:       Publication and knowledge transfer


Currently the Research Data Management platform @ CPUT enables researchers to:

  • Upload documents and create a file structure
  • Index objects through metadata
  • Implement rights management for active data based on specific groups or individuals
  • Search within collections or all content
  • Select, export and/or edit documents
  • Collect and process primary data
  • Implement version control for active data or documents
  • Manage digital objects
  • Impose embargo restrictions on data or documents
  • Publish data and documents
  • Enable data citation